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What can you support

Sponsor a child with weekly veggies R10 - R9,450.00

The main function of this farm is to grow food for orphaned children and we have monthly running expenses to the total of R 74,894.72 which means we need various income streams to cover that and keep the farm running. We can feed 1000 children 150g per day through the year.


Fruit, Nut & functional vines & trees R90 - R480

We need to plant some productive trees on the farm that will take a few years before they are harvest-able or functional. fruits and nuts can be grown here and will ensure the food forest extra variety and diversity. They will all offer a bit of shade for animals and insects and the grape vine will be for the chickens runs.


Chicken runs and compost tractor R 5,850.39

The chicken runs are multi functional they will provide support for netting to divide the weeks worth of activity chickens have access to greens and bugs and will be the framework for the grape vines to climb. The compost tractor is where we will offload the stable waste which comes with a few maggots which the chickens will help us to reduce while the scratch through the material.


Hail protection R 24,646.49

Gauteng is know for its hail events and there are at least two events a year which are know to wipe out a farmers crop. We have done one plot so far and still need to do 11 more. Hail protection also cuts down on the UV and increases the plants ability to be productive.


Plot development R 34,183.72

We have fully developed 9 plots out of the 13, we have almost developed the 10th plot and have two more that need to be finished with materials like drip irrigation, heritage organic seeds, etc.  We would also like to develop a thirteenth plot which will be devoted to seed production so that we never have to by seeds again.


Signage and market exposure

This is somewhat a specialised skill and the ideas are in direct proportion to the costs, at the moment our farm is sign-less and we have no branding for breaking into the real world retail market .


Ways to contribute

You can buy some freshly harvested veggies, herb plants or seedlings, equipment or materials for you own garden or attend our events all of which can be paid for online www.GrowingHealthyFoods.co.za or EFT to us

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