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Help Grow Farmers

Growing Healthy Farms NPC's main goal is to train emerging small scale farmers to feed children at orphanages, by applying our passion of training the art of natural farming (using biodynamic and permaculture practices) to achieve more from nature, and thus feed more children highly nutritious vegetables while creating jobs.

Help us achieve our goal by choosing an option on this page so that we can get the farm to become self-sustaining, by keeping it running until our crops are fully productive, and getting the equipment and structures in place to improve the farms output.  Jacques knows this is highly possible, we just need some support right now!

Please assist us by making a donation through this store’s online payment gateway (click on one of the options below) or EFT directly to our bank account : Growing Healthy Farms, FNB Rosebank, 62645026700.  Contact Jacques for more info and any suggestions


January month current financial position -R 24,896.89 (as on 18/01/2017)

December month current financial position -R 23,442.36 (as on 18/01/2017)
November month financial position -R 17,310.45 (as on 18/01/2017)
October month financial position -R 15,762.88 (as on 18/12/2016) 
September month financial position +R 0 (fully funded by founding funder up to this point in time)