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Natural farming is the future of food


Local natural farming is the way of the future of food

What if you could get everything fresh that you wanted locally from a trusted source that ensured that your produce was in fact what you thought is was naturally grown and produced?

We pride ourselves in what we do as a farm and we source natural ingredients from all our suppliers to ensure that we walk our talk. We look for the best quality and best value combination to keep our prices low and our flavour at it best.

Yes what you put in is what you get out, and that is why our produce lasts longer and taste better naturally. We work with nature to get the best results from the soil we build soil over time so our results will only get better with each season that passes.

Our range will grow as we do and as time passes so that the seeds we have sow will mature into the fruit and nuts you so long for.Tasty treats will be included in our offering to make your snack time the time to look forward to.

We like to let you know what we do with your food so you can identify what is right for your family. If there is anything you want to let us know or change we welcome your feedback no matter if its good or indifferent.

Growing with Smiles,



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