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Why is eating freshly harvested food better for you?


When a part of the plant is harvested it contains eight natural sugars not sucrose, glucose or fructose but other natural sugars which are known to be inter-cellular communication connectors which allow your body to communicate effectively within itself. When your veggie has been picked, stored, transported and finally makes its way onto your table over a period of days if not months there are only two sugars left. This is not the only components that are diminished during with the ageing veggie, as nutrients slowly degrade from the 4th hour after harvest. 

Growing Healthy Foods picks fresh every harvest day and sells all on the same day which means that you get all the nutrients in as close to their original form as possible.  Our aim will be to harvest daily from late spring 2016 when we will be in full production on the farm. This will mean you can get what you need for breakfast, lunch or supper every day delivered by bicycle if you are in the area ;-j

We will be supporting over 1000 children with daily nutritious meals by late spring when our first harvests of the growing season start coming in  


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